We can’t silence them. But we can try and soften their impact on the lives of the children and families living under their blare.

Hamas’ upgraded military capabilities put the vast majority of Israel’s population within range of rocket fire. But all of Israel is within reach of our work.

Tuesday night thousands of children were read bedtime stories in bomb shelters. With your help, we can take them out of harm’s way for a day of normal play.

Wednesday, the Nachum family in Netivot emerged from their home bomb shelter—only to find that their house was destroyed. Federation funds provide the Nachum’s, and thousands of victims of terror like them, with the money and support to begin rebuilding.

And this morning, the 15 second warning siren that rang out in Be’er Sheva, was not long enough for a 70 –year old wheelchair bound resident to make it to a shelter. So for now, she must live in one. Federation partner programs are her sole lifeline to food and medicine and human contact.

During every time of hostility or need, in virtually every town in Israel, every day, you will find a piece of Federation at work. Helping those who need it the most. Making sure no one falls through the cracks.